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5 Steps Cyber Security Guide for SME

This guide was created by people with knowledge in the Cyber Security field, following NSCS (National Cyber Security Center) guidelines.

G&G IT Consulting can help you implement these 5 steps in order to protect your company against the most common Cyber Security attacks.

This guide won’t guarantee protection from all types of cyber security attacks, but our specialists are always with us to make sure that all the vulnerabilities in your system will be mitigated in time.

Data Backup process

Spot on the data that you need to back up
Don’t keep your backup in the computer
Consider using cloud services
Consider making yourself familiar with the NCSC cloud security guidance.
Make backing up part of your daily activity

Protect your organisation against malware

Use an antivirus software
Stay away from untrustworthy apps
Keep your devices up to date (patching)
Control the usage of USB drives and memory cards
Turn on the firewall

Protect your data using the right password management

Switch on your password protection
Make use of the 2-step authentication for important accounts
Don’t use predictable passwords
Use password storage tools
Don’t keep all default passwords

Stay away from phishing attacks

Configure accounts to reduce the impact of successful attacks
Have a though about how you operate
Have a look at the clear signs of phishing
Report all attacks
Keep up to date with attackers

Keep your smartphones and tablets safe

Switch on the password protection
Ensure lost or stolen devices can be locked, tracked or wiped
Update your devices and apps regularly
Stay away from unknown Wi-Fi Hotspots

“If you learn everyday, you can’t lose!”

Our business philosophy is based on a constant learning process. At times, we may not have the answers to all our clients’ questions, or we may not solve all the issues straight away. By learning and researching everyday, we are able to help the clients to keep their business safe, as well as expanding it by implementing new IT business solutions. In addition, G&G is continuously working with final year students in Cyber Security, Computing Science, Marketing and Business. Consequently, our business solutions would be unique every time, but our aim is to bring innovative and cost-effective solutions, helping our clients to grow their businesses.

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