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About Us

“Your Security, our priority.”

Created by Cyber Security students in 2020, G&G IT Consulting is your trusted technology partner. With a seamless blend of innovation and expertise, we deploy and manage cutting-edge information technology solutions across various industry verticals. We are your IT consulting partners who focus on leveraging the right technology stack for your business. We work together to keep your company safe and to take your business to
the next level.


At G&G, teamwork is vital for success! We feel, act and behave as one team!

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two of the most important core values of our business. We prioritize offering equal opportunities to all, and creating a safe work environment for our diverse workforce.


Our clients are not based only in the UK. We also have collaborations in the UE, with plans to expand our services up to the USA.

Customer Commitment

As a small company, we want to create special relationships with every client.

“If you learn everyday, you can’t lose!”

Our business philosophy is based on a constant learning process. At times, we may not have the answers to all our clients’ questions, or we may not solve all the issues straight away. By learning and researching everyday, we are able to help the clients to keep their business safe, as well as expanding it by implementing new IT business solutions. In addition, G&G is continuously working with final year students in Cyber Security, Computing Science, Marketing and Business. Consequently, our business solutions would be unique every time, but our aim is to bring innovative and cost-effective solutions, helping our clients to grow their businesses.

Our Team

George Ion

CEO & Head of Product

Siobane Aguac

Lead Web Designer